15 Mind-Blowing Suits of Cosplay Armor

Is there anything more awesome than a beautifully crafted suit of cosplay armor? The sheer amount of work and craftsmanship that went into these pieces is just staggering. We’ve gathered 15 of the most impressive, awe-inspiring suits of armor from around the world to share with you.

Akageo from Monster Hunter

Let’s kick things off with this amazing Akageo armor from Monster Hunter. That sword is pretty epic, too! Akageo cosplay by Okageo (that’s a bit confusing!). Photo by Tiffany Ho.

Akageo Armor Cosplay Monster Hunter

Nightingale Armor from Skyrim

Next up we’ve got this killer (no pun intended) suite of Nightingale armor from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The setting in the photo is just perfect too. Nightingale cosplay by Beebichu. Photo by Andrew Snucins.

Nightingale Armor Cosplay Skyrim

Kraken Armor

This one’s a little different—instead of being from a particular game, this armor is totally unique and custom! It’s designed by the awesome team at Feral Workshop. Be sure to check out their other armor pieces and their Etsy store. They’ve got some incredible stuff.

Kraken Leather Armor Cosplay

Alexstrasza the Dragonqueen from World of Warcraft

Here’s a beautiful Alexstrasza cosplay from Narga. The details and shading on the armor look amazing! Photo by cxalena.

Alexstrasza Dragonqueen Armor Cosplay World Warcraft

Inquisitor Armor from Dragon Age: Inquisition

On a slightly more intimidating note, here’s a badass Inquisitor cosplay by SKSProps. Great weathering and damage on the armor!

Dragon Age Inquisitor Armor Cosplay


Dark Steel Armor from Dragon’s Prophet

Now on the female side of things, here’s an excellent Dark Steel Armor cosplay from the game Dragon’s Prophet, by the incredibly talented Nebulaluben. Great photo by Jesus Clares– love the setting!

Dark Steel Armor Cosplay from Dragon's Prophet

 Jinouga Armor from Monster Hunter

This one blew me away when I saw it—can you imagine walking around in this thing?! Kudos to DragonicHeaven for the amazing Jinouga costume and the ability to breathe in it 🙂 Photo by Int. Photography.

Jinouga Armor Cosplay Monster Hunter

Dwemer Armor from Skyrim

Now back to Skyrim (is there a better source for epic realistic-looking armor?) for another great piece of Dwemer armor by Nerv-0. Photo by Gianluca Bini.

Dwemer Armor Cosplay from Skyrim

Malthael Armor from Diablo 3

Even though you can’t see the full suit in this photo, it’s enough to show how cool this great set of Malthael armor looks. Cosplay by sakuraflame and photo by ANstellos.

Malthael Armor Cosplay Diablo 3

Prideful Gladiator from World of Warcraft

Continuing the fantasy gaming theme, here’s a fantastic Prideful Gladiator cosplay by Okageo, who we saw in the awesome Akageo costume above. Photo by BigWhiteBazooka Photography.

Prideful Gladiator Armor Cosplay World of Warcraft WoW

Barioth G Rank from Monster Hunter

As further proof that DragonicHeaven isn’t bothered by face-covering helmets, here’s his awesome Barioth G Rank armor from Monster Hunter. Think he has somebody that leads him around the conventions, or what?

Barioth Armor Cosplay G Rank Monster Hunter

Daedric Armor from Skyrim

Our final entry from Skyrim (at least for this round) is this unbelievable Daedric armor from Skyrim, courtesy of Zerios88. Seriously, look at the level of detail on this thing. Incredible. Photo by Gianluca Bini, who apparently gets to work with a lot of amazing cosplayers. Lucky guy.

Daedric Armor Cosplay Skyrim

Masquerade Armor from Guild Wars 2

Let’s get back to female cosplayers before we finish up, with this stunning Masquerade armor by Elliria. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into designing and putting it together… Great accompanying photo by Mike Rollerson.

Masquerade Armor Cosplay Guild Wars 2


Eidolon Odin from Final Fantasy XIII

We may have saved the best for last here… check out this suit of Eidolon Odin armor from Final Fantasy XIII. Ho. Ly. Crap.  The entire thing is just an incredible piece of art, courtesy of AmenoKitarou. Photo by Jason Panda Liu.

Eidolon Odin Armor Cosplay Final Fantasy XIII


Well we hope you’ve enjoyed this epic collection of cosplay armor!

Tell us in the comments: which one is your favorite? And if you’ve got any great examples of cosplay armor (whether yours or someone else’s) that we should consider for our next armor spotlight, let us know using the Submit link at the top of the page!


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