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11 Gorgeous League of Legends Cosplays - Cosplay Saga

11 Gorgeous League of Legends Cosplays

With all of the great female characters in League of Legends, it’s no wonder there are so many stunning cosplays out there! Here are 11 female League of Legends cosplays we think you’ll love:


Let’s start with this purr-fect (sorry, couldn’t resist) Ahri cosplay by TheSweetAmy:

Ahri League of Legends cosplay


Next up, here’s a butt-kicking Katarina cosplay by Kitsurie! Photo by Costographer.

Katarina Cosplay League of Legends

Pulsefire Ezreal

Switching from swords to giant cannon arms, here’s an awesome Pulsefire Ezreal cosplay by Yuks General. Photo by Lionel Lum.

Pulsefire Ezreal Cosplay League of Legends


Back to swords again, here’s a classy Leona cosplay by MissYeru. Photo by Anna Fischer.

Leona Cosplay League of Legends


Here’s an absolutely stunning, magical Lux cosplay by Misa TW!

Lux Cosplay League of Legends


Here’s another gorgeous shot by TheSweetAmy, this time a Sona cosplay in a lovely woodland setting. Be sure to check out her whole gallery of Sona shots!

Sona Cosplay League of Legends

Genderbent Darius

For something really different, here’s an awesome genderbent Darius cosplay by Jynx Art! Looks pretty menacing, eh? Photo by Jeprox Shots.

Darius Genderbent Cosplay League of Legends


Gotta love giant metal fists! Here’s a killer Vi cosplay by Cosplay Snobs. Photo by Photosnxs.

Vi Cosplay League of Legends

Valkyrie Leona and Jayce

If one League cosplay is good, then two is even better! Check out this fantastic dual shot of Valkyrie Leona and Jayce, featuring Illisia Cosplay (Leona) and Vrael Cosplay (Jayce). Photo by Jesus Clares.

Valkyrie Leona and Jayce Cosplay League of Legends


Here’s a lovely Morgana cosplay from PipiChu. Photo by Andrew Mak.

Morgana Cosplay League of Legends


To finish off this post in epic fashion, here’s an incredible Ashe cosplay and costume by MissYeru! Photo by Al Lin I Photographer. Can you believe those effects? Looks amazing!

Ashe Cosplay League of Legends

Hope you enjoyed these gorgeous League of Legends cosplays! Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments below! And if you want to get more awesome cosplay sent straight to your inbox, be sure to subscribe.

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